Yellowstone John Dutton Cowboy Charcoal Hat


Product Description:

Product Description

  • Style: Rancher
  • Actual Material: Suede Fine Fur Natural body
  • Crown: 5 3/4″ Crown Height
  • Brim: Shovel 4 1/4″ inch brim
  • Band: SST Hand Tooled Wild Rose Sterling Silver Buckle Set
  • Color: Charcoal Black

Kevin Costner Yellowstone John Dutton Cowboy Charcoal Hat.

In the Yellowstone Series, Kevin Costner played the role of John Dutton. In the series, John Dutton is a much-loved character. The spectators gave him inspiration for his cowboy style. John Dutton performed admirably despite donning such a stunning attire, demonstrating his fashion sense. Yellowstone Kevin Costner With the John Dutton Cowboy Charcoal Hat, you may seem elegant and fashionable. It is manufactured from the best suede leather available. The identical hat is also available to you. Therefore, put your order at Yellowstone Outfits as soon as possible.

This hat has an interior sweatband and is made of a premium wool blend material. This high-crowned hat is wonderfully made, with a wide brim, a lower front and rear dip, two dents on either side of the mid crease, and a hatband with a buckle placed around the crown. In terms of audience popularity, charcoal is the new black. Charcoal has the distinct advantage of maintaining its cleanliness. Our professional designers and the best materials are used to create our hats. It is designed to give you an upscale appearance.


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